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Guidelines and Instructions


As Students from Grade 3 to 12 in North Brunswick are gearing up for this 8th Science Symposium to compete with other students in the area of STEM, we want to provide some guidelines and instructions to the participants. Please render your support in abiding by these instructions.


  1. Give yourself enough time so that you can be at the NBTHS Commons at least an hour before the judging session begins. Please set up your station and get ready for the guests and judges.

  2. Judging will begin at 10 AM.

  3. If you need assistance, please reach out to one of the volunteers.

  4. Safety of the participants and the guests is of utmost importance at the science fair.

  5. Please pick up a registration package at the registration desk on the day of the event.

  6. Each team will be provided with tables (and an assigned number) to display their poster and/or the model; they may have to share with other teams as well.

  7. You will be assigned a time slot when you need to be present in the assigned judging room.

  8. Ensure that the models are mobile/ can be carried to the judging room.

  9. The participants with the help of the volunteers should be able to move the whole presentation to the judging room.

  10. The participants are responsible to bring their electric extension cards, accessories, etc.

  11. Parents are not allowed in the judging rooms, they can however help move or set up the display in the judging room.

  12. Posters must be neat and well organized.

  13. Abstract must exactly reflect your project.

  14. Each team is allotted 10 mins of judging time including the setup and responses to questions.

  15. The team must submit abstract before deadline (not to exceed 300 words).

  16. Please dress appropriately and safely.

  17. Be polite and patient to all visitors.

  18. All displays must be removed between 3:00PM and 4:00PM

  19. At least one person of your team should always be at your display.

  20. Please refrain from eating or drinking around the display station only use assigned eating areas.

  21. While selecting your project, make sure not to repeat previous year's project.

  22. Please submit parental consent form once the registration is complete. Download form here.

  23. The following are strictly not permitted in the preparation or the display of the project

    1. Live animals

    2. Microbial cultures or fungi, living or dead

    3. Animal or human parts, except for teeth, hair, nails, and dried animal bones

    4. Chemicals and/or their empty containers, including caustics, acids, and household cleaners

    5. Open or concealed flames

    6. Batteries with open-top cells

    7. Combustible materials

    8. Aerosol cans of household solvents

    9. Controlled substances, poisons, or drugs

    10. Any equipment or device that would be hazardous to the public

    11. Sharp items, such as syringes, knives, and needles

    12. Gases

  24. Strict COVID-19 Protocol will be followed, as applicable.


 Looking forward for a great experience for all at the event !!!

 Thank You!

 Science Symposium Team

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